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Author: Subject: Wizard Junior: Q & A

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posted on 5-26-2006 at 02:42 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Wizard Junior: Q & A

Questions & Answers

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Q Does a player always have to play a card of the same color as the card that is led?
A Yes, if he has one in his hand. The only exception to this is the play of a Wizard or a Jester. Those 2 cards can be played AT ANY TIME. Even if a player has a card of the suit led he has the option of playing a Wizard or a Jester.
Also if the lead card is a Wizard then any card can be discarded. (See leading Wizards & Jesters below)

Q What is the trump suit and what cards must be played when Wizards and Jesters are the lead cards?
A The lead of a Wizard or Jester does not effect the trump suit. The trump suit is determined simply by the card that is turned face-up after the deal.
(a) Wizard Card is led: The Wizard wins the trick. Other players can discard ANY card. A second Wizard played will lose to the first Wizard.
(b) Jester is led and the second card played is a Wizard: Same as (a). The Jester is a null card and is disregarded.
(c) Jester is led then a Green 3. The Jester is disregarded. Treat the 3 as the lead card.
(d) Jester is led followed by another Jester then a red 2. Again the Jesters are disregarded. Treat the 2 as the lead card.

Q If the card turned up is a Wizard can the dealer select No Trump rather than a color as trump?
A No one of the color suits must be chosen as trump.

Q Is the last hand of a 5-player game played as NO TRUMP?
A No. After the deal of 7 cards to each player there is 1 card left over. That card determines the trump.
The last hand is NO TRUMP when there are 3-4 or 6 players.

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