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Author: Subject: WIZARD CLUBS General

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Wizard Clubs
The first official Wizard Clubs were formed in Toronto in late 2005.
The first 2 clubs were Wizard Club Toronto East and Wizard Club Toronto West. These clubs are now known as (TDWCC) The Durham Wizard Card Club and the Cambridge Wizard Club respectively.

Mission Statement: To encourage and promote the play of the Wizard Card Game and to have as much fun as humanly possible.

1. Wizard Clubs try to meet once each month.
2. Each club will elect a President and Vice President. Other officials may be appointed at the President's discretion. i.e. Secretary, Treasurer, etc.
3. Accurate records are to be kept.
4. Each meeting should consist of an official Tournament unless there are less than 12 members present.
5. One member of each club (usually the President) may become an Administrator of the Wizard Website. This enables that person to conduct online tournaments.
6. Wizard Cards International Inc. will provide Wizard playing cards for each club. In addition the club will be provided with a supply of Wizard Certificates for tournament winners.

Q.How many players are needed in order to start a Wizard Club ?
A.There is no set number. However if you are just playing with friends and relatives then there isn't much point to forming a club. The club should bring Wizard players who have never met each other together. As a rule (not mandatory) there should be a minimum of 12 players at each meeting. This is the minimum number needed to host an official tournament. This means that there needs to be at least 15-16 in the Club as everyone will not be able to attend every meeting.

Q.How often does the Club have to meet?
A.We suggest once a month. However you may want to cancel a meeting from time to time. For example you may want to cancel the December meeting because people are busy preparing for the holidays. Also Clubs usually close for the summer months when people are out and about.

Q.Are there costs involved?
A.There is no fee required to start a club. You will be supplied with some free games and information and other goodies at no charge to get you off to a good start.

Q.Are there any other advantages to forming a club?
A.Yes. The obvious advantages involve the opportunity to play Wizard and meet like-minded players. However from time to time clubs may receive other goodies although there are no guarantees. For example when the Toronto West Club wanted to host a Christmas dinner along with their meeting Wizard contributed $150 to defray costs. Also Wizard may provide funds toward accomodation for Club Presidents at the Annual Tournament. Members often receive a reduction of the entrance fee as well.
When the Toronto East Club held its first meeting at Tapp's Restaurant Wizard picked up the evening's tab.

Q.OK. Now what do I do to get started?
A. Contact Ken Fisher (wizard) by e-mail at Provide: Your username online if you have one + Your first and last name + Your mailing address + The anticipated date for the first session of the club and how many members are expected at the first session. Ken will get back to you will the information you will need.

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