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Author: Subject: the note when playing wizard card

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the note when playing wizard card

BIDDING & PLAY: After the cards are dealt, and trump is revealed/chosen, the player to the left of the dealer starts by stating aloud the predicted number of tricks they think they can win. This verbal bidding goes around the table as one of the players (or any handy bystander) records the bids on the score sheet. This is kept available for all to strategically reference throughout the round.

After the bidding is complete, the cards start hitting the table. The player to the left of the dealer once again begins by laying down a card. Any card can be lead. Each subsequent player plays a card and must follow suit if possible. The exceptions to this, and there are only two, is that a Wizard or a Jester may be played at ANY time, even if the player is holding a card of the suit led.

If the first card played is a Jester, then the next non-Jester card laid sets the suit for the hand. Any time Wizard cards are played “first” (or as the first non-Jester laid down) you can discard ANY card you want to for that hand/trick.

Each player attempts to either win or lose the trick, depending on how many tricks they need for that hand. To win a trick, you must have played:
a.) the first Wizard,
b.) the highest trump card (if no Wizard cards were played),
c.) or the highest card of the suit led… if no trump or Wizard was played.
The winner of the trick starts the next hand.

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