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posted on 2-12-2003 at 11:44 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
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Wizard Rocks, 2/12/03
Reviewer: Scott Fisher
"Wizard" is the "world's greatest card game". I've played it for years and it rocks big time. Now the Wizard site provides an exclusive "community" for Wizard enthusiasts. It's chuck full of information, free, and doesn't have those annoying adds found on other sites. Best of all it provides a feature-packed version of Wizard for online play. Another cool feature is the online Wizard Tournaments which provides serious players an opportunity to compete and gain "Master Wizard" points. No question about it: it's magical!

Wizard Cards is the best online card game of all., 1/26/03
Reviewer: Victor Lawson
We've played a lot of other trump games but this is the best by far. There are a lot of unique twists in every game. The Jester doesn't count as anything, but just when you think you've made your bid and you lead a Jester to get out of the lead, if everyone else plays a jester after you, you can take the trick and go set. The Wizards are the highest card in the deck, but even if you've taken the exact number of tricks you want, you can trash a Wizard on a trick another player has played a Wizard and not take a trick with your Wizard. The game is about skill and finesse (and a lot of luck).

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