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Author: Subject: Honorable Mention & Online Tournament Records

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Honorable Mention & Online Tournament Records

Honorable Mention: (No record category)
1. Highest number of consecutive bids made successfully of the same bid number: 4: merlin bid and made a bid of 8 four consecutive times.
2. Best Boomerang: Mr. Wizard from 1st to 6th on hand 5 and back to 1st on hand 6.
3. Great Comeback: In a 5-player game merlin was in last place; 180 points back of the leader and 90 points back of 4th place. He came back to place 2nd.
4. Biggest Tie-Game. On March 23.05 Five players tied for second place in a 6-player game. Wizbucket won with 250 while trapizoid, skk787878, Goldie01, wizard and yuma kid all tied with 220 points.
5. In a "Sixer" 2 people (wizard & Bradamanda) had perfect games but came in tied for 3rd & 4th place. Easter 05
6. In a 6-handed game (wizard, lelandgrant, ken mccoy, bbandit, memen, bradamanda) there were only 4 bids NOT made in the entire game.
7. In a 6-hander deanna was dealt 3 wizards in the first 2 hands. Unfortunately in round 1 four people bid 1 and deanna was one of the 3 that went "down".
8. In a final hand of a "Sixer" all 6 of the last cards played were "blue cards": 3 Jesters and 3 Wizards. (April 2005)
9. Full game hidden bid (2005) wizard_major claims a high score of 440.
10. Sept 28.05. Here's a strange one. In a 5-handed game I was behind the leader by 20 pts going into the last hand.
I went down by 1 trick and still won the game by 20 points.
The leader went down 5 tricks......wizard
11. Oct. 7.05. I had a perfect game and came 3rd in a six-hander which isn't that unusual. What was more unusual was all my bids were zero except 1 where I made 1 trick.
12. In a 5-player game on Dec. 13.05 all players bid zero on the 4th round. (merlin, Fanfan, fizzwiz1,scoobydoo,Lordvon
13. In March 2006 4 players tied for first in a 6-player game with a score of 230. This meant that The Boss who was only 10 points back with 220 points came 5th.

Record Online Tournament Scores

Highest Winning Online Tournament Score
320.....Liptonlad......Feb. 2003

Highest Winning Online Triad Score
770......merlin.......February 2004

Multiple Online Tournament Winners
2......unclechuckie & Mr. Wizard

Multiple Online Triad Winners

Highest Number of Entrants
34.......March, 2006

Records for Perfect Games

Biggest loss with a perfect game: (a) Based on points behind 1st place. (b) Based on placement
4-hands: 10 trapizoid (2nd)
5-hands: 10 merlin (2nd)
6-hands: (a) 130 ken mccoy (3rd)
...............(b) trapizoid 4th place with 240 (310-300-290)
...............(c) DougJ 4th place with 210 pts in July 2006.

Perfect Game Highest Scores .i.e all bids made
4-players: 580 jly_the champion
5-players: 440 merlin & wizard
6-players: 370 wizard
3-players: 600 wizard June 2/06
4-players: 470 Mr. Wizard
5-players: 270 merlin
HIDDEN BID (Full Game)
3-players: 260 Madlock
6-players: 280 wizard
HIDDEN BID (Short Game)

Highest Final Score
3-hands: 960 wizard
4-hands: 580 jly_the champion
5-hands: 470 DVDA
6-hands: 370 wizard
Lowest Final Score
3-hands: -190 merlin
4-hands: -60 elessar
5-hands: -150 Phobos
6-hands: -200 Mr. Wizard
Most Tricks Bid & Made in 1 Hand
3-hands: 13 Mr. Wizard & wizard 13 (Dec.30.05)
4-hands: 10 PiasaGene & wizardofwas (Aug 06)
5-hands: 8 Mr. Wizard
6-hands: 6 madlock & Mr.Wizard (6 with 8 cards in June 06)
Most Decisive Win based on point gap between 1st & 2nd Place.
3-hands: 360 merlin
4-hands: 210 wizard (300-90)
5-hands: 190 DVDA (470-280)
6-hands: 140 merlin
Best comeback to win in Last Hand based on points back of leader.
3-hands: 110 wizard (March 06))
4-hands: 110 wizard (Aug. 06)
5-hands: 80 Mr. Wizard and Vanderdl (80* tie for lead)
6-hands: 90 wizard (3-way tie for 1st. Sept.05)
Best Comeback: last hand, from last to 1st place based on points back of leader
3-hands: 100 wizard (Aug. 05)
5-hands: 50 Mr. Wizard
6-hands: 90 wizard (3-way tie for 1st. Sept.05)
Best Comeback to win from any place in game based on biggest point gap back of the leader
3-hands: 190 wizard (Aug.05)
4-hands: 230 Supercanuck (Jan.06)
5-hands: 150 deanna
6-hands: 120 wizard

Most Top 10 No.1 Wins
9 Fizzwiz
Most Consecutive Top 10 No. 1Wins
5 Fizzwiz
Most Top 10 points gained in 1 day.
golfman....25.5.....June 1, 2006
Most Top 10 points lost in 1 day
wizard..Oct.21.05...19 points
Most Top 10 points gained in 1 day by a player listed in the Top 10 of the Top 10
golfman.....25.5......June 1, 2006
Most Top 10 points lost in 1 day by a player listed in the Top 10 of the Top 10
wizard..Oct.21.05...19 points

Highest score for a 2-month session.
fizzwiz1..........585.5..........July-Aug. 2004
Lowest score for a 2-month session.
bester30. -265 in 209 games
Lowest score for a 2-month but still in the Top 10
Deanna..........38..........July-Aug. 2005

Skill Ratio = Total Points divided by total games played.
Highest S.R. (Skill Ratio) in 2-mth session
trapizoid..........2.20..........8th with 48.5 pts in 22 games. July-Aug. 2005
Lowest S.R. (Skill Ratio) in 2-mth session but still in the Top 10
Deanna..........0.26..........38 pts in 147 games. July-Aug 2005
Most Players to play at least 1 game during a 2 month session 284 + Jan-Feb 2006

* 1-month sessions started May 1/06
Highest score for a 1-month session
Fizwiz........................207.5.........May 2006
Lowest score for a 1-month session.
cowalily -63 in 28 games for SR of -2.25
Most players to play in a 1-month session
195 May 2006
Highest S.R. in a 1-Month Session
Twit Meister 2.35 73 pts in 31 games
Lowest SR but still in Top 10
Hazardous....SR .6 59.5 pts in 95 gms (6th place)

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