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Author: Subject: Honorable Mention: No Record Category

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Honorable Mention: No Record Category

Honorable Mention: (No record category)
1. Highest number of consecutive bids made successfully of the same bid number: 4: merlin bid and made a bid of 8 four consecutive times.
2. Best Boomerang: Mr. Wizard from 1st to 6th on hand 5 and back to 1st on hand 6.
3. Great Comeback: In a 5-player game merlin was in last place; 180 points back of the leader and 90 points back of 4th place. He came back to place 2nd.
4. Biggest Tie-Game. On March 23.05 Five players tied for second place in a 6-player game. Wizbucket won with 250 while trapizoid, skk787878, Goldie01, wizard and yuma kid all tied with 220 points.
Update: On April 4/09 Five people tied for first in a 6-player game: zedd85, verona, magicgirl, wert and cargobeep all had 220 while lindee was 6th with 180.
More Ties: On Dec. 23, 2015 4 players tied for first with 210 points in a 6-players game: XAriesGirlX, kek_in_TN, tuokool and The_Wiz
5. In a "Sixer" 2 people (wizard & Bradamanda) had perfect games but came in tied for 3rd & 4th place. Easter 05
6. In a 6-handed game::mphenix, emac008, Mr Easy, Officer214, No_Nipps and Quatmmmm. There were only 3 bids NOT made in the entire game. May 21, 2008
7. In a 6-hander deanna was dealt 3 wizards in the first 2 hands. Unfortunately in round 1 four people bid 1 and deanna was one of the 3 that went "down".
8. In a final hand of a "Sixer" all 6 of the last cards played were "blue cards": 3 Jesters and 3 Wizards. (April 2005)
9. Full game hidden bid (2005) wizard_major claims a high score of 440.
10. Sept 28.05. Here's a strange one. In a 5-handed game I was behind the leader by 20 pts going into the last hand.
I went down by 1 trick and still won the game by 20 points.
The leader went down 5 tricks......wizard
11. Oct. 7.05. I had a perfect game and came 3rd in a six-hander which isn't that unusual. What was more unusual was all my bids were zero except 1 where I made 1 trick.
12. In a 5-player game on Dec. 13.05 all players bid zero on the 4th round. (merlin, Fanfan, fizzwiz1,scoobydoo,Lordvon
13. In March 2006 4 players tied for first in a 6-player game with a score of 230. This meant that The Boss who was only 10 points back with 220 points came 5th.
14. On March 14/08 Doug Johnson played a 6-hander without receiving a single Wizard card. (He placed 2nd)
15. In Jan. 2009 smurf, lucky moosehead and hook played a Quick-Four with only 2 scratches in the entire game. (30 blue-2 pink)
16. in an Invitational Top 10 Tournament of March 9/09 zedd85 received all 4 Wizard in a deal of 6 cards.
17. On April 17/09 TMLCUJO won a 6-hander with a perfect game and a score of 310. The unique element was that all 11 tricks that he won were with Wizards.
18. On June 23, 2009 mphenix hosted a six-hander in which 5 players scored perfect games while the other player broke twice.
19. June 5, 2011. In a Q4 wizard scored 350 while the other 3 players scored a total of 200. (20-90-90)
20. June 16, 2011. In a Mixed Bid Tournament of 5 players after 10 hands merlin was in 5th place and 100 points back of the 3rd and last playoff position. With successful bids of 5 and 4 respectively in hands 11 and 12 he ended up in s tie for second.
21. On October 5, 2012 merlin bid and made 6 tricks in round 8 of a six-hander. The bid was an even bid as 2 others each bid and made 1 trick.
22. On Sept 4, 2013 Jake 44 in playing a 5-hander bid and made 4 in consecutives bids on hands 9-10-11-12 to win the game by 50 points.
23. On March 08, 2014 Wert tied the record high score for a 6-player game with 370. He is also the first to record a perfect score with all bids of 1 or more (no zero bids).
24. On May 17 2015 weiz raised the bar with a 380 all bids correct in a 6 player game.
25. On August 20 2018 kbmcdev raised the bar again with a 390 all bids correct in a 6 player game.

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