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Author: Subject: Glossary

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ABBBB: When playing in a game with "BiggerBrat", all players try to keep "BiggerBrat" from making his bid: "Any Body But BiggerBrat" (ABBBB)
AI: Artificial Intelligence (Wizard lacks this function..ability for computer to play)
Avatar: A graphical icon that represents you on the website.
Bailing out: Used when a player realizes early in the game that he can't make his bid so unloads hoping to bring others down with him.
carp: An anagram (say no more)
COLA: No real meaning. Used in response to people who incessantly use "LOL", "LMAO" etc.
CR:Canadian Rule
Final 6: The top 6 players who play the final round of a Wizard tournament.
Forums: =Bulletin Boards
gg: Good game. Used in Chat at end of a game. Often as "gg all".
gigo: get in, get out(Also 'garbage in, garbage out')
gl & hf: Good Luck & Have Fun
ICQ: Short for "I seek you". Most common net system used to contact members.
Master Points: Points awarded to the "Final 6" in a Wizard tournament. (Also awarded to top winners online.)
Pooching: Overbidding or underbidding mainly to disrupt the bidding of others.
Smurf Alert: Warning that a player (or players) have an all blue score; suggesting remedial action.
Toast: Indicates a player's bid is doomed to failure.
TOTO: Toronto Tournament 2004
???: Player who is slow at anything, especially bidding.
Triad: A Wizard game played by the 1-2-3 finishers of a Wizard tournament.
Twit: A person who leads the trump suit.
ty: Thank You
U2U: Messaging system used on the Wizard site to contact other members.
wiz-pop: Playing a Wizard on another players Ace lead or on a trick that another played has already trumped.
WST: "Wizard Standard Time" which is the time indicated in the Chat area. (Equals E.S.T.)
yt: You Twit
\/\/ or \'\' : Symbols used in Chat to replace, "Hi, Hello, How are you? etc."(backslash.forward slash)

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