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Product Line

Product Line

Regular Game: The regular Wizard card game is packaged in a colorful blue hang-tab box. Included is the 60-card Wizard deck, a score pad, plus a rules pamphlet written in English, Spanish and French.
Deluxe GameThe deluxe Wizard game is packaged in a blue rectangular box. In addition to the items found in the regular game are 6 plastic bidding counters. The large numbers on each wheel enable all players to see how how many tricks each player has bid. The counters are also very useful when using either of the two alternate bidding systems.
Gift Edition: The gift edition of Wizard is packaged within a cardboard sleeve container. The sleeve covers a luxurious embossed leather case imported from Uruguay. Inside the case is the 60-card Wizard deck, a rules pamphlet, a fridge magnet, a score pad and a scoring pencil. The cards themselves have a rich checkered design which complements the brown leather case.
Bidding CoinsThe "Wizard Bidding Coins" were introduced in 2005. They are packaged in a plastic case holding 25 gold coins along with instructions for use.
Wizard Junior
Wizard Junior was introduced in late 2006. It consists of 36 cards including 2 Wizard and 2 Jesters and comes packaged with plastic bidding coins.

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