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Author: Subject: Wizard Glossary

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Wizard Glossary

AI: Artificial Intelligence (Wizard lacks this function..ability for computer to play)
Avatar: A graphical icon that represents you on the website.
Bailing out:Used when a player realizes early in the game that he can't make his bid so unloads hoping to bring others down with him.
Break fail to make one's bid. Also 'Bust', 'Go down', 'Get Set' and others.
carp: An anagram (say no more)
COLA: No real meaning. Used in response to people who incessantly use "LOL", "LMAO" etc.
CR: Canadian Rule
Delayed Reveal Bid A bidding system in which bids are kept secret and are not revealed until after completion of play.
Dumping: Same as "bailing"
Even bid: Number of bids = Number of tricks
Fest Meaning Festivalor or fete. Used in place of the word Tournament which tends to frighten some potential players away.
Final 6: The top 6 players who play the final round of a Wizard tournament.
Forums:=Bulletin Boards
Fun Wizard Wizard played for fun. No points are involved. (Uses the Tournament software)
gg: Good game. Used in Chat at end of a game. Often as "gg all".
gl & hf: Good Luck & Have Fun
gigo: get in, get out (Also 'garbage in, garbage out')
Hidden Bid Bidding system in which bids are kept secret until after everyone has bid. Bids are revealed just before the first card is led.
ICQ: Short for "I seek you". A net system used to contact members.
Master Points: Points awarded to the "Final 6" in a Wizard tournament. (Also awarded to top 10 winners online.)
Mixed Bid A tournament in which rounds of play use different bidding systems. e.g Round 1: Regular bid. Round 2: Hidden Bid Round 3: Delayed Reveal Bid
MSN MSGRA popular net system used to contact members.
Pooching: Overbidding or underbidding mainly to disrupt the bidding of others.
Poppy Penis = Poppy-penis
Quick Games: The online host is given the option of playing the regular game or a shortened version (Quick game).
Sister-Kissing Bid: Even bid
Sluff To dump a high card on a higher card to avoid winning a trick with it.
Smurfer An all-blue game in which every bid is made.
Smurf Alert Warning that a player (or players) have an all blue score; suggesting remedial action.
STATO: Stamford Tournament 2005
Toast Indicates a player's bid is doomed to failure.
Top 10 The 10 players with the most points during a 2-month session. The Top 10 at the end of each session are awarded Master Points.
TOTO: Toronto Tournament 2004
???: Player who is slow at anything, especially bidding.
Triad: A Wizard game played by the 1-2-3 finishers of a Wizard tournament.
Twit: A person who leads the trump suit.
ty: Thank You
U2U: Messaging system used on the Wizard site to contact other members.
web-based Wizard is not a web-based system. Players connect to each other's computer in order to play the game. i.e. Players do not join together on a server.
/\/ or \'\'.. Symbols used in Chat to replace, "Hi, Hello, How are you? etc."(backslash.forward slash)
Wizard Junior A simplified version of Wizard. A 36-card deck with 2 Wizards, 2 Jesters and 4 colored suits numbered 1-8.
wiz-pop: Playing a Wizard on another players Ace lead or on a trick that another played has already trumped.
WST "Wizard Standard Time" which is the time indicated in the Chat area.
yt: You Twit

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