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Author: Subject: June 2010 NEWSLETTER

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KarmaKarma’s Mac’s Moment with the one and only Mactonight himself.

This interview was a very difficult one indeed. First of all, Mac did not want to co-operate stating (in his words) “I am the writer of the Mac’s Moments, the inventor, the genius behind it all, why should I let you write a Mac’s Moment?” My response was this, “Mac, you may be the all mighty creator, but to be honest with you not all of your Mac’s Moments are very good or memorable and to be blunt with you I’ve fallen asleep while reading quite a few of them. At this point Mac became quite upset, arms flailing and eyes bulging, screeching in that high pitched woman-like voice he sometimes possesses, “ FINE! FINE! You just go ahead and give it a try! I don’t know who you think you are Karmakarma?! Besides the fact that all I think of is a chameleon whenever I hear your dumb screen name, I don’t think you have the skills, or the creative abilities to write a Mac’s Moment, but I certainly will enjoy a good ole belly laugh watching you make a major fool of yourself, just go ahead!!!

After Mac had consumed about half a dozen diet cokes, 3 bags of raspberry candies and we’d found his soother, he calmed down and we could finally begin.

Mactonight: Remember that game back in March 2006, it was the last hand and I bid 4 and you bid 2, an ace of hearts was lead so I played a jester and then you….

Karmakarma: Um..Mac sorry to cut in but do you mind if we begin the interview?

Mac: {Rolls his eyes to the heavens.}

Karmakarma: Mac, I realize it was not easy for you to agree to this interview, so I want to thank you so much for being here today and allowing me to do this.

Mac: Whatever!

Karma: Mac, come on now, I thought you’d put aside all your negativity just for a few minutes so that we could do this interview in a mature and orderly fashion?

Mac: You’re a poop head!

Karma:}hands Mac a sucker, which Mac grabs and then tears the wrapper off and begins to suck the life out of the sucker – but it does seem to calm him down somewhat}

Ok so Mac, you have made quite a name for yourself on the wizard site, it seems you are loved by many but loathed by more.

Mac: Excuse me?!! How dare you even suggest that there are players that don’t love me! That is ludicrous! How could they not love me, I am the one player who is not only an amazing player, but the one player that is there for everyone! I help the newbies, I encourage those who are struggling, and dammit I WRITE THE MAC’S MOMENTS!!

Karma: Calm down Mac, yes I agree you do so much for the wizard site, there’s no denying that but….I have to be honest and tell you that there actually are quite a few players that find you full of yourself and whiny and pretty much just annoying.

Mac:{laughing madly like a lunatic, leaning back in his chair, holding his stomach] You are insane Karma, it just shows how much you know! You know squat! You ride on Merlin’s shirt tails (not that that’s any big deal), and have no idea about how things really work in the Wizard World! I AM LOVED BY ALL!

Karma: Ok Mac, let’s say for argument sake that you are loved by all…

Mac: I am, you Do-Do brain! That’s why I remember that dumb bottom move you made back in July 2007, it was a four player game and I was clearly in the lead, diamonds were trump, a spade was lead and I played my king of diamonds, then you…

Karma: Mac!! Stop it! No more post partums! Let’s get on with the interview please! Ok so blah blah blah, yeah, you’re loved by all. What do you think your chances are in doing well in the German Online tournament that has just started?

Mac:Well you see, I am definitely a shoe in for the win, that goes without saying. But…being the giver that I am, I believe that I should help and encourage those players that are nowhere near as good as myself, to achieve the win.

Karma: Wow Mac, you really do have a giving nature. So are there any players that you feel could really use your help?

Mac: I am trying to help all the players, for example, back on August 4th 2008 I was in a 5 player game, it was round 6 and Trap and I were tied, he played a 5 of spades when he clearly should have lead trump, so…

Karma: Mac! Please! Back to the interview! The question was… are there any players that you feel could really use your help?

Mac: Well all the players could use my help really, I’m such a good player and have so much to teach everyone. But to name a few, I’d have to say, Wizard, Cargo, Ken McCoy, Merlin, Silent Sam, GLoumis, Trapezoid and even you Karma, you probably need my help most of all because you’re scatter brained.

Karma: Gee thanks Mac I feel honored that you’d take me under your wing.

Mac: And so you should Karma, I’m a busy man with wizard games to play, Mac’s Moments to write and wizard players to help.

Karma: I feel obliged to ask you this Mac, by helping players during the German Online tournament, what exactly do you mean by “helping”

Mac: Exactly that, helping.

Karma: Can you elaborate?

Mac: What does that mean?

Karma: It means would you mind going into a little more detail please?

Mac: Of of course! So anyway after Trap played the 5 of spades I proceeded to tell him that he had played incorrectly and…

Karma: Mac!!!!!! I’m losing my patience here! Please would you go into more detail about how you plan to help the players during the German Online tournament?

Mac: Well I can’t give away all my secrets; I mean my amazing talent for playing wizard has been developed over many years. I’ve put a lot of blood sweat and tears, well mostly lots of tears more than anything else, into becoming #1 in the world. Did you know I was #1 in the world Karma???

Karma: Yes Mac, you’ve actually told me that many times, and even emailed me a few times to tell me that Merlin sucks and you rule cause you’re #1 and he’s #3.

Mac: Yeah…sigh…the truth hurts doesn’t it? Poor Merlin he’s such a has been….

Karma: So back to the question…how do you plan to help these players?

Mac: Well without giving away any of my secrets, let’s say Mphenix will be 2nd, trust me on that….

***Ding Ding Ding the ice-cream trucks goes by***

Mac:[Leaps up from his chair, knocking it over and makes a B-line for the door.]

Karma: Mac, come back, where are you going?!!! We’re not done yet!

Mac: Sorry Karma, ice-cream truck is here gotta go get a Rocket! See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

Karma: Sighs……………. Typical……..

Well unfortunately we did not get to finish the interview due to Mac’s childish behaviour.

Thank you Lesley. If you want to submit your own version of Mac’s Moments send them to

The 5-Month Tournament for 2 Trips to the World Finals in Germany

After 5 months of competitive play mactonight and mphenix emerged as the winners of the 2 trips to represent Canada (North America) in Germany on October 2. Congratulations to both players on a well-deserved victory.

Two additional representatives to attend the German finals 2010 will be determined at the Toronto WizFest on July 31. There are 60 contestants and any one of them could win but mactonight has selected his favorites…read below.

WIZFEST PREDICTION 2010….by mactonight

With Wizfest about one month away, it’s time for another Wizfest Prediction. I must admit that last year I was a little unimpressed when it came to trying to pick the semi-finalists. So this year I will make it even easier on myself. This time around I will simply pick the top 10 players I EXPECT TO DO WELL. In this way, if they are out in the first round it’s their fault for not living up to my expectations. Let’s just get to the list.

1 – Goes to those players not actually participating in this year’s Wizfest. Surprising in their absence are the likes of Trapizoid, Mactonight and the runner-up from the 2009 Wizfest Billfromthebar. All three have attended at least one of the tournaments in the last 3 years and all, if participating would be expected to go far in this years tournament. In fact they would be my favorite players and my choice to win this years tournament, but with them being absent let’s move on to those actually attending.

2 – Ap Sirius – he remains my favorite player and my choice to win it all this year. AP is due, like a pregnant lady who is three weeks late, this man is ready to burst into 2010 Wizfest. I’ve seen Karl a few times this year, he seems more relaxed, more focused and more determined then ever. I expect to see you in Germany in October Karl. Maybe we can hang out and go for an Oktoberfest sausage or something?

3 – Mr. Wizard –he remains my favorite player and my choice to win it all this year. I hung out with Keith last year after his and my disappointing 2009 campaign. Most of our discussions were about Cargo and her chin hair and 40 cats, but after we got over our obsession he clearly indicated to me that he would return in 2010 in better shape, more mentally strong. He stated that he would spend less time online this year and focus instead on just this tournament. If you have spent a lot of time online you would have noticed that Mr. Wizard has lived up to his promise of not playing much and so too will his promise of success in this years 2010 Tournament be accomplished. Looking forward to seeing you in Germany – I’ll rent “Das Boot” and come over if you like?

4 – TPB11731 – Tim Burton, the lawyer, the director or the Wizard Player whoever you want him to be, he remains my favorite player and my choice to win it all this year. The Burton clan is coming and they are coming in hard and fast. With four members of the Burton, AKA NY WIZ Mafia set to embark upon Toronto, Canada, look for Tim to be the most successful of the clan. Not taking anything away from Frostie, The_Wiz or Aniram, who is all set to “RAM” a few wizards into people, but Tim and I have had a chance to talk and he is quoted as saying “My parents will be happy to show off pictures of their Great Grand kids and Marina will spend the whole time talking to you Mac, she won’t be focused at all.” I tend to agree with him and thus I expect to see him in Germany. I’ll break out the mixed CD of Amadeus Mozart’s greatest Operas and come over to your place ok?

5 - Merlin –I have learned a lot from Geo over the last few years and one of the things I have learned about him, is when he’s focused and determined to win, there is no stopping him which is why Geo remains my favorite player and my choice to win it all this year.. Geo is not the jealous type, not be any means, but I think the fact that I won the online tournament and not him, that I have secured my spot has left him thinking that maybe his time has passed, that it might be time to pass the torch over. However, I have seen the determination in his eyes, the look on his face that tells me that he wants very badly to make it to Germany and he wants nothing more then to show me up. I look forward to seeing you in Germany. I’ll pick up some Pretzels and meet you in your room.

6 – Wizard - He hasn’t been able to play in the last few Wizfest tournaments, but this year he is getting the chance and therefore Ken Fisher remains my favorite player and my choice to win it all this year. Do I need to say anything about Wizard? He may be old and lately he has had very few opportunities to win something as big as this. This might in fact be one of his last chances to play in this tournament (not due to age, but because he runs most of these types of tournaments) so expect him to take full advantage of this chance. Ken, I have a planned bike tour through Germany’s tourist spots all set to go.

7 - Fiery – She came out of nowhere last year and surprised many people by winning the 2009 Wizfest Tournament, but Jacqueline didn’t surprise me as she is my favorite player and my choice to win it all this year. As all defending champions will tell you it’s almost impossible to repeat. However, Jacq still has a lot to prove, she wants to be able to show everyone that it wasn’t a fluke, that she is that good. I expect to see you in Germany. It will be an honor to have such a “fraulein” on my arm as we walk in.

8 - DougJ – Doug Johnson, the famous lover boy remains my favorite player and my choice to win it all this year. Doug and I have met several times over the last 3 years and each time is more memorable then the last. This Hall of famer is in the perfect position to win it all. He’s coming in with confidence and skills and has just the right amount of determination to be successful. I expect to see you in Germany, I’ll get the Pilsners ready to go.

9 – Geremie - He is not my favorite player and I don’t expect him to win. However, as mentioned in the opening statement this article isn’t necessarily about picking the winner of Wizfest, but it’s about selecting players I expect to do well. I am quite surprised he is returning this year and after last years inappropriate behavior I expect him to not only play better, but to play with the proper attitude one would expect from a Wizard Card player. Geremie, second chances are few, don’t let us down.

10 Sungoodess – Jennifer is without a doubt my favorite player and my choice to win it all. Last year she wasted all her luck on the Friday Social demonstrational tournament where she went perfect and won it all. Then during Wizfest she faded into the abyss. This year with no demonstrational tournament to distract her, I expect to see her in Germany. I’ll prepare a schweinebraten dish ready for you when you get there.

Wizfest 2010 was, I believe, the quickest of any wizard events to fill up. There are 60 players competing for two spots and a trip to Germany. I have mentioned a few above, but don’t be surprised to see someone else make the final table. There are many players I could have mentioned, from Abacus to Thesteve, from Sladist to Taurus. Who will be the winners? We will find on July 31st. I will be there and I will be updating the site on all the action throughout the two days of fun. Next year, I expect to see some of you reading this to join in the fun. Good Luck to all those playing in the 2010 Wizfest tournament.

* NOTE: The "Andrews Fair Play" Rule is in effect.

Fair Play Rule: All players agree to play to the best of their ability and to make honest bids throughout the tournament.

i.e. Not to play simply to sabotage others.

If players at a table feel that a player is not abiding by this rule further play should cease and the Director should be summoned immediately. If the objection is sustained by the Director the player may be ejected from the tournament and a substitute put in his/her place in order to finish the game(s).

Wizard Extreme Proposal (Continued from May)

Below is my adapted version of the “Wizard Extreme” game proposed by Amigo-Spiele.

I have shown the current “Wizard Maximus” game rules and then have added some of the extra dimensions suggested by the Amigo proposal

1. Wizard Maximus

All of the rules of the regular game apply with the following additions:

All games consist of exactly 5 hands.

All 60 cards are dealt for each of the 5 hands.

The trump suits in order for each hand are: ♣, ♦, ♥,♠, No trump.

2. Wizard Extreme

All the rules of Wizard Maximus apply with the following changes.

3 players: 6 hands. Trump suits (♣, ♦, ♥,♠, No trump, No trump)
4 players: Short game 4 hands. Long game: 8 hands. Trump suits are ♣, ♦,♥, ♠ (No ‘No Trump’)

5. players: 5 hands: Trump suits (♣, ♦, ♥,♠, No trump.)

6. players: 6 hands: Trump suits (♣, ♦, ♥,♠, No trump, No trump)


The dealer is always the Saboteur. (S)

The S does not bid.

The S tries to prevent other players from making their bids correctly.


Points are awarded as in regular Wizard with the following exception.

The S gains 10 points for every down trick of the other players.

The S loses 10 points if all the other players make their bids correctly.

Serious Business

Adequate Health Care is a serious problem in many countries including the USA and Canada.

The following discussion demonstrates how poor health services can have devastating results.

This is serious business and only an unfeeling person would laugh at the video.

Remember, do NOT laugh.


Ken Fisher


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