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PICKTO Tournament Results:

1) Marilyn Vaillant (CDNGirl51)
2) Paul Biship (Fredthered)
3) Jeff Weirmeir (Jeffzel)
4) Ken McCoy (Ken McCoy)
5) Trish McCoy (Mortishy)
6) Josh McCoy (Hazardous)
7) Clara Ecctes (Gardensinger)
8) Jeff Hinks
9) Michelle Hinks
10) Jessica Wellsbury (Happy Angel)
11) Lance Wellsbury (Dumpledore)
12) Linda George (Spicy)
13) Michael (Denny Crane)
14) Dan (Lord Voldemort)
15) Lee (Bounty)
16) Trevor
17) Ken Fisher (Wizard)
18) Joan Fisher
19) Bruce Roper (1stKnight)
20) Lelsey Roper (Karmakarma)
21) George Wellsbury(Merlin)

Final Six (Two Game Total)
1st) Ken McCoy 550 Pts. = 21 Master Points
2nd) Michelle Hicks 500Pts. = 17.5 Master Points
3rd) Clara Ecctes 450 Pts. = 14 Master Points
4th) JeffZel 440Pts. = 10.5 Master Points
5th) Bruce Roper 400 Pts. = 7 Master Points
6th) Lance Wellsbury 250 Pts. = 3.5 Master Points

SEPTEMBER 9, 2006 Tournament

Congratulations to the Winner Ken McCoy!!

1st Prize.......Picture Tophy!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to participate and have lots of fun. We are going to try to make this tournament an annual event!

Please email merlin (George)at:


If you plan to attend the Pickering Tournament (PICKTO) on Saturday,Sept 09/06. You will receive confirmation and a map with directions by return e-mail.


When you arrive you sign in pay your $10.00 entry fee and a name card will
be provided. Coffee/Tea/water/soft drinks and snacks will be provided.
Timely breaks will be provided by majority rules. Cameras are welcome.

Keeping with great Wizard tradition we will be shooting for a final 6
game. Tables will be setup to accommodate tables of 6 as much as possible,
depending on the head count configuration in the beginning rounds. I will
not play unless a person is required because of head count in determining
first round.

This will be a skins type Wizard tournament. There will be two games per
round. Best score of Total Points of both games determines who advances to
next round. Each game card will show a total of 10 hands no matter how
many players are at each table. Tie breaking rules will not be used for
determining skin rounds (except the final round if required).

Just before the tournament begins everyone will draw a token to determine
at what table they will sit. The people who advance will be allocated a
new table. For people who do not advance other games can be arranged if

Prizes are as follows 30% of total prize money awarded for the top 3
winners. 70% of total prize money awarded as skins in the final 6 round.

Prize money for top 3 winners (30% of total prize) broken down as follows:
Winner place takes 15% of total pot
Second place takes 10% of total pot
Third place takes 5% of total pot.

Prize money for skin winners (70% of total prize) broken down as follows:
10% of the prize money (skin) will be awarded to the winner in each of the
ten hands of the final round. Not necessarily the leader of the game. If
there is a tie for any of the rounds then the prize is held over until the
next round. It is possible that if there is no clear winner on a few
rounds in sequence that one round can be a big pot. If no skin winner at
the end of the game then tie breaking rules will be used as below.

Any game tiebreaks will use on-line rules for tiebreaks.
- least number of breaks move on
- Who has the momentum (win/lost for last round)
- If no tiebreaker has been found then we deal 10 cards to each player
until a tiebreaker is found.

All other live tournament rules will apply to this tournament.

Your comments are welcome. Any additional things I may have missed or give me a call.


George and Lesley

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