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Author: Subject: May 2009 NEWSLETTER

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May 2009….Wizard Newsletter

It’s time for another Mac’s Moment.
Nothing is a concept that describes the absence of anything at all. The concept is often used to indicate the lack of anything relevant or significant, or to describe a particularly unimportant thing, event, or object. (isn’t wikipedia amazing?)

Mactonight – Hey Smurf.
Smurf – Hey Mac.
Mactonight – You have been bugging me for weeks and weeks to do a Mac’s Moments with you.
Smurf – I know I have. I’m so excited.
Mactonight – So, tell me, and tell us all what is it you’ve been so anxious to say.
Smurf – Well Mac I can sum it up in one word.
Mactonight – Ok, the floor as they say, is yours.
Smurf – “Nothing”.
Mactonight – Nothing?
Smurf – Yes, a whole Mac’s Moments about nothing.
Mactonight – Like a Seinfeld episode.
Smurf – Yeah, exactly like that.
Mactonight –So I’m Jerry and you’re Elaine?
Smurf – I was thinking more that you’d be Kramer.
Mactonight –Of course you did.
Smurf – Well you opened the door.
Mactonight – And I barged right in.
Smurf – It would be hilarious don’t you think?
Mactonight –But Smurf, this is print, it has to be about something.
Smurf – Trust me it would be so funny.
Mactonight –Well, let me ask you a couple of questions at least.
Smurf – Ok, as long as I don’t have to answer them.
Mactonight –You’re female, and yet your name is Smurf, how come it’s not Smurfette?
Smurf – That’s easy.
Mactonight – So answer
Smurf – Ok, for you, well when you play a wizard game and someone goes perfect what does everyone say?
Mactonight –Get the Smurf. Oh I see!
Smurf – It was as simple as that.
Mactonight – Of course sometimes they say – “Someone is all blue” or “get the perfect person” or “Cargobeep is cheating again.”
Smurf – Don’t mention her name here again Mactonight.
Mactonight – Ah, you have an ongoing feud with her, is that still on?
Smurf – She’s an annoying beep for sure.
Mactonight -How did this rift get started?
Smurf – This is between her and me. Thank you for interviewing me first though. See Cargobeep you’re not first at EVERYTHING.
Mactonight – Ouch.
Smurf – Ask Denny Crane about it, he has pages and pages of things on her.
Mactonight – Ok, enough about that, this is supposed to be about you.
Smurf – No it’s supposed to be about nothing.
Mactonight –Which I think so far we’ve been successful.
Smurf – Yeah, and this is the best Mac’s Moment ever.
Mactonight – Hilarious. So you’re not shy about using Alias’
Smurf – No I have a few. I use one or another. Who cares?
Mactonight –I guess Denny does, he might have pages and pages on you. Is it true there’s actually an Alias going around that various people use?
Smurf – Yes, it was passed on to me by a player that was done with it, and I in turn passed it to another player. Sometimes I go back and use it if no one else is.
Mactonight –Wow, but won’t that mean two people might try to sign in at the same time?
Smurf – It’s never been an issue
Mactonight – Is it true you are “c” or little “c” as I like to call you.
Smurf – Yes I played as little “c”
Mactonight – What happened to her? You did really well as “c” and made it to the finals of a tourney, you received master points and everything.
Smurf – Yep, people thought little “c” was Cargobeep’s alias. Once I found that out I stopped using it. It also explained why I did so well.
Mactonight –Oh boy, here we go again.
Smurf –No Mac, as Smurf and all my other alias’ I’ve never made it to semi-finals of a tournament or get master points or anything, along comes “c” and people think it’s Cargo and “Boom Boom Pow” I make final table.
Mactonight – Enough, tell me about “Suicide Smurf”.
Smurf – Mac, you know far too much.
Mactonight – I know, it’s true.
Smurf – How did you figure it out?
Mactonight – I pay attention, study players, their habits and how they do things. I kind of like your Suicide Smurf.
Smurf – Yeah me too.
Mactonight –But tell me how it started.
Smurf – Well, it first started when I was losing soooooooooooooo badly and then one of the players wizzed me three times in one hand.
Mactonight – That never happens.
Smurf – And I got so mad I started bidding 0 and taking everyone’s tricks.
Mactonight – So it didn’t matter whether you had 2 wizards or 3 cards of trump?
Smurf – Nope, just bid 0 and take as many as I can.
Mactonight – All this for revenge?
Smurf – It started that way.
Mactonight – Started?
Smurf – Now I just do it for fun. If I’m losing badly, I’ll Suicide Smurf and take all the tricks. It no longer matters if someone attacked me or if I just had bad luck.
Mactonight –But isn’t that a bit….. evil?
Smurf – I’d like to think I’m a bit evil.
Mactonight –I heard a saying. Wanna hear it?
Smurf – Is there any stopping you?
Mactonight –It went like this, “if you live the wrong way you’re evil.”
Smurf – Live the wrong way? Who decides?
Mactonight –No no, what it means….
Smurf – No, come on, maybe one way of living is different then someone else’s way, but that doesn’t mean that it’s evil or wrong.
Mactonight – Let me finish…
Smurf – Who are you to decide what is right and wrong anyway? You’re Mister High and Mighty or something.
Mactonight – Smurf, slow down….
Smurf – It’s people like you, with these opinions where you throw your moral high ground into everyone’s face that causes the kinds of problems we have today.
Mactonight – SMURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smurf – WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mactonight – What is live spelt backwards?
Smurf – live spelt backwards is evil.
Mactonight – So, backwards is similar to wrong way right – if you’re going backwards you’re going the wrong way?
Smurf – Right.
Mactonight – so, if you live the wrong way you’re evil, live backwards is evil, get it.
Smurf – that’s not even funny.
Mactonight – but it is something, which is so much better then nothing.

Editors notes: (Yeah right like I have an editor) – I have since been told that the feud between Smurf and Cargobeep has ended. Smurf has asked me to indicate and clear up that there is no ongoing feud. They are friends and she would like to withdraw her application to the NY Wiz Mafia. Smurf plans to attend the Trap Wizard School after she’s done some time at Wizard Anonymous. Cargobeep continues to reject any attempts at interviewing her. Trap’s school is on Spring Break as he prepares for another Wizfest tournament victory. And I predict that Mr. Wizard will be on the final six table, not the consolation round top 6 this time, but the real top 6.

Next month, inspired by the movie Frost/Nixon, Mac’s Moment will take a break to allow for “Sappy/Fisher”.

Wizard Fantasy Deck
Last month I provided the names and some background information for the card characters shown on the following cards: Wizards, Jesters, Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks.
This month you get a peak at the artwork. Shown in the attachment is the black and white mock-up for the 4 “Archer Cards” which are the 5 Clubs, 5 Diamonds, 5 Hearts and 5 Spades. Each suit will be color-coded in addition to having the regular corner index symbols. Clubs will be Brown, Diamonds will be Blue, Hearts will be Red and Spades will be black.
(Sorry if you can’t open the attachment)

German Fantasy Deck
The German Fantasy deck will soon be available in an English version. The cards will be the same but without the German printing. Rules and packaging will be in English. As reported previously the aforementioned deck will be used in the 2009 Indianapolis Wizard Tournament in August.
The German cards will also be available in a number of other countries. Again the same cards will be used but the rules and packaging will be in the language of the country where the cards are being sold. A definitive list of countries is not available but the following countries can be confirmed at this time: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Scandinavia, Greece, Hungary, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

BETA: Web-Based Program
Beta was re-launched on April 22 with improvements and refinements based on user feedback.
Thanks to all those who have tested it and provided feedback. We are definitely moving to the web-based system so it is important that you help Victor by providing further helpful suggestions. The goal is to get the program to the point where nobody prefers to play the old system. It is surprising to me that there were so many complaints about not being able to host and about being dropped in the old system that so many people are now proponents of the old system which we simply could not get to work at a satisfactory level.
I guess you can’t please everybody.

Online Tournament Turmoil
The last couple of online tournaments have resulted in a plethora of problems. The source of the problems is twofold. First is the problem posed by the lack of players able to host a game. This simply highlights the need for the BETA program in which all will be able to host. Members need to get behind the drive to get problems with BETA solved so that we can get back to playing rather than waiting. The second problem relates to players arriving at tournaments unprepared to play. Questions such as, “Where do I find my table?” and “How do I register?” indicate that no effort has been made to read the copious amount of help and directions about the tournament that can be read in advance. One or two players often hold the rest hostage with their tardiness and lack of effort and preparation. The Tournament Directors devote a lot of time and effort and members need to cooperate and appreciate the contribution they make.

Wizard Fest 2009: Toronto
The maximum number of 60 has been attained with a few standbys ready to gobble up any cancellations.
For the most part I will not mention much further about this event because I will prepare a separate mail-out just for the people who have registered. Basic data is available at www.wizardcards.ner

Indianapolis “Wizard Fantasy Deck” Tournament 2009
This event is now official as the GenCon management has approved the day and time-slot for Wizard.
Saturday August 15, 2009….8 am – 6 pm
Open to all but limited to 60 players.
Registration for events is through GenCon at:
Indianapolis GenCon Convention

Wizard Website
There are lots of interesting things available on the website in addition to the Wizard game. Personality profiles of some of the best-known members make interesting reading and new profiles are being added on a regular basis. What else? Why not contribute to “Winning Strategies”. You must have a few new tricks up your sleeve, don’t you? Or read any of past “Mac’s Moments” that you may have missed. Read about the plethora of “Wizard Variations” or provide an anecdote of your own. C’mon participate.

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