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Author: Subject: NEWSLETTER February 2009

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NEWSLETTER February 2009

Wizard Newsletter February 2009

Mac’s Moments: February

The following interview was written by Aniram and I just put in all the funny, witty parts.
Or was it I wrote it and she put in all the funny, witty parts?
Either way, enjoy the interview with Aniram.

Mactonight – Hi Aniram the Truly Wonderful.
Aniram – Hi Mactonight, what’s up?
Mactonight – How are you, oh wise, fair, and lucky Aniram.
Aniram – I’m fine Mactonight, you’re acting very weird and not even bothering to rhyme.
Mactonight – We'll see who is acting weird. How long have you been on the site?
Aniram – Since November of 2007.
Mactonight – You’re always a lot of fun online.
Aniram – Thank you Mactonight, that’s really nice coming from you.
Mactonight – You play tough, but you’re a delight.
Aniram – Hmmm, where are you going with this?
Mactonight – I did some research, you like to garden and you love to travel.
Aniram – No trip in the fun, no fun in the trip!
Mactonight – What does that even mean?
Aniram – Never you mind.
Mactonight – Your online name is your real name spelt backwards, that’s so cute.
Aniram – I do LOVE my name. Not a week goes by without someone complimenting me on my name.
Mactonight –and you like to see new places, go on vacations.
Aniram – I do, most recently I was in Alberta, normally a very cold province. Of course, for lucky me, Alberta greeted me with a cozy 80 degree embrace first week of October! (for us Canadians, umm that’s like warm or something).
Mactonight –Isn’t that just so wonderful
Aniram – Mactonight, going off the deep end?
Mactonight –No no. So, how is it that you're able to play frequently during the day as well as evenings?
Aniram-Well let's just say that my "work/life balance" has shifted to ensure maximum WIZARD flexibility.
Mactonight –All right, cut the crap sister.
Aniram – Awww, the real Mactonight surfaces, what is it Mactonight?
Mactonight – Oh come off it, sitting there all little miss nice and cozy.
Aniram – I so enjoy being cozy. I'll let you in on a little secret .... sometimes I think the world revolves around me.
Mactonight –Don’t play all ram a dam a ding dong on me. I’ve done a little more research on you
Aniram – Do so like the sound of RAM!
Mactonight – Ever hear of an organization called the “NY Wiz Mafia”?
Aniram – The what?
Mactonight – Oh come off it. You are a member of this group.
Aniram – Now why would a nice girl from Texas want to get mixed up with a whole bunch of liberals from NY?
Mactonight - So you’re admitting there’s a group.
Aniram – I made no such admittance
Mactonight – Isn’t it true that this group is made up of wizard players whose primary goal is to target Wizard players and ensure that they don’t win.
Aniram – That’s ridiculous.
Mactonight – Isn’t it true that you’re dating one of the leaders.
Aniram – Nope.
Mactonight –And have been for 8 years.
Aniram – It hasn’t been 8 years.
Mactonight –Ah, ha, so you are dating someone.
Aniram – Whatever, you’re the only one that knows what you’re talking about.
Mactonight – Isn’t it also true to become a full fledged member you have had to prove yourself by selecting a player to intimidate, frustrate, and ultimately prevent from winning.
Aniram – Are you suggesting I’ve put a hit on someone?
Mactonight –Exactly, and that person is me.
Aniram – No it’s not!
Mactonight –Ah ha, so you have put a hit on someone…Explain then why you’re always taking my tricks, always scratching when I scratch, not caring whether you win or lose as long as I don’t win or lose.
Aniram – Part of my straaateeeeegerrrrrieeeeeee
Mactonight – You have no tournament victories, no top 10 finishes, never made it to the final table. You’re a good player, but you’re never near the top.
Aniram – Maybe I’m just not as good as you think.
Mactonight –Poppycock! Who are the other members of this group?
Aniram – My lips are sealed.
Mactonight – It’s so convenient. You profess to not playing wizard because of travel, when secretly you’re unavailable because you're meeting with this mafia group
Aniram – Mactonight, you’ve gone beyond silly.
Mactonight –Have I? Have I?
Aniram – Shouldn’t you be asking me about the players I’d like to face on the final table?
Mactonight –I know who they are already
Aniram – You do?
Mactonight – They would be the five leaders of this Mafia group, with you trying to be the sixth member.
Aniram – Ok you calm down.
Mactonight – Oh, I’m calm.
Aniram – What if I told you this?
Mactonight – Told me what?
Aniram – Not saying that there is a group, and not saying that I am a member of this group, but if there was a group.
Mactonight – I’m listening.
Aniram – That group wouldn’t be targeting you…
Mactonight – They wouldn’t be?
Aniram – No, why would they? Who do you think you are?
Mactonight –Then who?
Aniram – What if I said, Cargobeep and Trapizoid?
Mactonight –Oh….how does one apply for membership?
Aniram – That’s what I thought.

Join me next month when I battle the “Lord of the Ring!”

2009 Annual Wizard Fests-Canada & USA
Tentative Cash Prizes & Master Points available at both Tournaments
1. $300.......60 M.P.
2. $200.......50 M.P.
3. $100.......40 M.P.
4. $50.......30 M.P.
5. $50.......20 M.P.
6. $50.......10 M.P.

Where: “The Delta Toronto East Hotel”
The hotel website is:
When: .Friday, July 17 and Saturday July 18.
Friday: “Welcoming Reception” in the “Scarborough Suite”.
Saturday: Tournament in the “Canadiana” room.
Who: Restricted to 60 players but open to all.

Registration: The non-returnable registration fee is $20 person.
(* Age 16 and under on July 17 free.)
Registration is on a first-come first-served basis. Registration is based on the day that the fee is received. Send check or money order payable to “Wizard Cards International Inc.” to:

Ken Fisher
93 Perivale Cres.
Toronto, ON

Registration Form (You cannot register online)

Full Name____________________________________

Username (if applicable)_________________________

E-mail address _________________________________

** Players Registered to date (Checks received) listed on website starting Feb. 1
1. Marko Sapiano (mactonight)
2. Heidi Sapiano (Heidiho)
3. Lesley Roper (karmakarma)
4. George Wellsbury (merlin)
5. Michael Blais (Sladist)
6. Pirjo Sapiano (mummo1)
7. Charlie Sapiano (Charliethetuna)
8. Nancy Powell (Brevannah)
9. Howard Lougheed
10. Mae Lougheed
11. Ken Pickering
12. Nesta
13. George Hatfield (Taurus)
14. Betty Hatfield

Wizard Junior Tournament
The Wizard Junior Tournament will only be held if there are at least 10 entrants by
Monday, July 13. Please indicate if an applicant is for the Junior Tournament.
No fee is required for the Junior Tournament

*Reserved spots may be transferred to a different person.

Accommodations: The group rate for rooms is $115.
($129.95: all in: GST 5%, hotel Tax 5% and Destination Management Fee 3%)
Parking: appears to be extra because the parking lot is operated separately from the hotel.
Note: Americans attending will require a passport.

USA Tournament
OVER 28,000 ATTENDED Gen Con Indy 2008.

When: Saturday, Aug. 15
Start: 8 a.m…. Lunch Break (Noon-2 pm) Continue (2-6 pm)
Where: GenCon,. Indianapolis
Who: Restricted to 60 players
Cost: Event cost $2
One-Day Admission to GenCon: $38 pre-registered or $48+Tax on site
For direct info visit the GenCon site:
Fantasy decks of Wizard Cards will be used in place of the regular Wizard decks for this tournament. They are almost identical to the German decks which are available as an alternative download on the Wizard site
Note: Canadians attending will require a passport

Fantasy Deck (This is totally different from the German Fantasy Deck)
The North American Fantasy Deck is moving slowly ahead. To date I have only approved the art-work for the Aces and even they are at the black-and-white stage so progress is slow.
The “Legend” that supports the Fantasy Deck is copied below. Next month I’ll provide more info about the characters depicted on the cards.

Wizard Fantasy Deck: The Legend

Long, long ago before the beginning of time there existed four equally powerful Kingdoms. Each Kingdom divided its members into 13 castes. The Kingdoms offered their services as mercenaries on a daily basis to any of the 6 Emperors that existed at the time. The Emperors were constantly at strife with one another and eager to accept the assistance of the Kingdoms whose powers they needed to be victorious. At times as few as 3 of the Emperors were at war but at other times 4, 5, or even all six were in conflict. The mercenaries only visited the Emperors who were in conflict and offered their services but always in equal numbers so that no one Emperor had more mercenaries than another at any one time. In fact the Kingdoms always began by offering a single mercenary and then increased the number by one each day. Only 1 member of each of the 13 castes was made available at any one time by each Kingdom. This meant that on the last day of battle each of the 4 Kingdoms offered a maximum of 13 mercenaries, one from each level of society.
However each day the gods did randomly declare one of the 4 Kingdoms to be dominant over the other 3. This did provide Emperors with more mercenaries from the dominant Kingdom a powerful advantage.
However the gods did not favor power as much as truth. Truth was the measure by which each Emperor was judged. Each day after the mercenaries had arrived each Emperor would evaluate his strength and declare how many battles he would win that day. The number of battles to be fought always equaled the number of mercenaries available that day. The Emperors who correctly named the number of battles in which they would be victorious were greatly rewarded by the gods who granted them merits based on the number of battles won. Conversely any Emperor who failed to correctly identify the exact number of battles won was punished by a system of demerits.
In addition to the mercenaries made available by the 4 Kingdoms there existed 4 equally powerful wizards and 4 equally impotent jesters who would randomly offer their services to the Emperors. Because both the Wizards and Jesters were found to be very effective in helping to win battles their services were preferred over even the most powerful mercenary from any of the 4 Kingdoms. Any Emperor was delighted to find his quota of warriors included one or more Wizards and Jesters.
If only 3 champions were in conflict a victor was declared after 20 days of battle, if 4 champions after 15 days, if 5 champions after 12 days and if all 6 champions were in conflict after 10 days of battle.

Friendly Games of Wizard
Despite the apparent demand for recreational Wizard games that could be played without worrying about ‘points’ activity has been wanting. Usage of the “friendly game” process has been next to nil. Although I believe that the demand for ‘friendly games’ was fictional I will outline the procedure once more just in case there are players looking for less stressful games of Wizard.
Explanation & Procedure: “Friendly games” are made possible by using the “tournament procedures” when tournaments are not being played. After a real tournament is completed the Director deletes the names of all participants and opens up a new tournament registration. There is no ‘real tournament’ but all members that now log in to the ‘pseudo-tournament’ can play games which do not count for Top 10 points. (Just like in a tournament)
The procedure for individuals is as follows:
1. Click on “Online T.” and ‘log-in’ just as you would for a tournament.
2. All other players who log-in become eligible players.
3. Any logged-in player can host a game using the “tournament log-in”.
4. Players join the host using the tournament log-in area below the regular log-in area.
Enjoy your stress-free game of Wizard

Wizard Junior
The current Wizard Junior session runs from Jan 1 to the end of February.
More and more players are giving it a go. It plays faster than the regular game and you might consider it as an alternative to the “Friendly regular game”. Points do count but are separate from the regular Top-10 points which are not affected by your play of Jr. games.
So if you are short of time and want a friendly “quickie” try Junior.

Volunteer Greeter of New Members
More and more people join up everyday. They all receive an automated e-mail but I also send each a personal welcoming e-mail. The task is getting onerous but my request for a “volunteer greeter” to assume the task has garnered no response. Anyone interested? Contact me if you feel like pitching in.

New Download & Updates
Victor expects the next download with revisions based on feedback with be towards the end of February or even later depending on how his work-load balances out.
Victor in consultation with myself has decided that the future of a viable Wizard site lies in a web-based system. Consequently he will direct more time and energy moving in that direction than in patching-up the current program. Your patience, cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

Inaugural Online World Winter Wizard Fest
When?...........Saturday February 21 & Sunday February 22
What?...........An Online Tournament spread over 2 days.
Who?............Open to all.
Saturday Registration 10 a.m. – 12 Noon (All times are E.S.T.)
Close of Registration?....No additional registrants will be accepted after 12 noon EST.
The last number of registered players divisible by 5 or 6 will be the number participating. Example 1: .If 101 register by noon then the first 100 will play. (Although registered before noon the 101st registrant will be dropped)
Example 2. If 97-98-or 99 register by noon then the first 96 registered will play. (Although registered before noon the 97th-98th & 99th registrants will be dropped.)
Start of Play:…..2 p.m. Saturday
Saturday Play: Each player will play 3 games (5 or 6 at a table) with a different group of players. A matrix system of points will be used. As in the Aug 2, 2008 live Tournament)
The cut-off number will be determined after the total number of participants has been established, For example with 100 players the cut-off point could be 60 but with 200 players the cut-off point could be 100.
Sunday Play: Table assignments would be posted at 11 a.m. Players assigned to a host would play 2 full games with that host with total points for the 2 games to count. Elimination and play would continue as in regular online tournaments except that each round would consist of 2 games, not one.

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