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Author: Subject: Jan. 2009 Newsletter

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Jan. 2009 Newsletter


It’s time for another Mac’s Moment.
New Year Edition with Pinky_Baby.
If you haven’t read the previous editions, you are missing out.
If you have, just think about how many online games you missed while reading it.

Mactonight – Happy New Year Pinky_Baby.
Pinky_Baby – Hey Mactonight, don’t talk too loud ok.
Mactonight – Oh, does someone have a New Years hangover?
Pinky_Baby – Someone most definitely does and that someone is none too pleased. How about you did you enjoy the New Year Celebration?
Mactonight – Always do! I passed out with exhaustion at 12:01.
Pinky_Baby – Good to see you’re still a party animal.
Mactonight – Oh yeah! I’m way too old for New Years. I might skip it this year.
Pinky_Baby – Why am I here Mactonight?
Mactonight – What do you mean?
Pinky_Baby – Well these Mac Moments historically are for popular people on the site or people who have done well.
Mactonight – Historically? There have been 3.
Pinky_Baby – I know, but you did Wert, Wizard and Trap, that’s kind of hard to follow.
Mactonight –And yet you’re here doing it.
Pinky_Baby – Plus, what’s worse Mactonight, I’m the first female.
Mactonight –Why does that even matter?
Pinky_Baby – Shouldn’t you do Cargobeep, or Spicy or Karmakarma or Michellebloom or at least one of the females that have a wizard status?
Mactonight – Well I did call them, but none of them returned my call. Too busy playing I guess.
Pinky_Baby – Oh really?
Mactonight – No, I had no interest in doing them right now. Plus these Mac Moments aren’t for a select few, they can be for anyone on the site, plus I had a special reason for putting you as the first female?
Pinky_Baby – You secretly love me?
Mactonight –That’s exactly the wrong answer.
Pinky_Baby – LOL. You wanted to make Cargobeep jealous?
Mactonight – Now you’re thinking!
Pinky_Baby – ROTFL.
Mactonight –Do you remember Oct 16, 2006.
Pinky_Baby – Ask me if I remember Dec 31, 2008.
Mactonight – Do you remember Dec 31, 2008?
Pinky_Baby – Shut up Mactonight.
Mactonight –Oct 16, that was the day I first played an online game.
Pinky_Baby – Whoopee-doo.
Mactonight –And you were the first host I joined.
Pinky_Baby – Oh Mactonight, that is so sweet, you remember that?
Mactonight – I do.
Pinky_Baby – I feel so special.
Mactonight – See we had a “Mac’s Moment”.
Pinky_Baby – You are a cheeseball.
Mactonight – This is true too.
Pinky_Baby – So what’s next?
Mactonight – You have a bracelet business right?
Pinky_Baby - Not really. I just make them and necklaces too.
Mactonight – So everyone in the wizard world could get their names on a bracelet? (hint hint)
Pinky_baby – Sure. It would be fun to make you one Mactonight.
Mactonight – Could you make me one that says “Mactonight Fierce Underlord”?
Pinky_baby – LOL, that’s way too long. I can shorten it to say “Mactonight FU” if you want?
Mactonight –Right, let’s move on. When we met the first time I was surprised.
Pinky_baby – Surprised how?
Mactonight – Well online you’re aggressive, outgoing, an extravert who never stops talking.
Pinky_baby – That’s true. I am pretty out there.
Mactonight – Yet, when I met you in real life you were shy, timid and a total introvert.
Pinky_baby – What’s your point Mactonight?
Mactonight – It’s just amazing how different people are online than in real life, makes me think that maybe “lazyjones” really likes the wizard software or that “TMLCUJO” is a woman.
Pinky_baby – LMAO. That’s funny Mactonight.
Mactonight – Ok let’s move on to your accomplishments.
Pinky_Baby – Do tell.
Mactonight – You didn’t have any.
Pinky_Baby –WHAT?
Mactonight –Well last year you made the final table in 1 Hidden Bid Tourney and came 4th.
Pinky_Baby –That’s still an accomplishment.
Mactonight – True, but you have 67.5 Master Points.
Pinky_Baby – I do indeed.
Mactonight –So the majority of your points are in live tournaments?
Pinky_Baby – The Toronto West Club or Cambridge Club as we call it now.
Mactonight – Ah of course, the place where the Mccoy’s rein.
Pinky_Baby – What do you mean?
Mactonight – Well, rumor has it that the Mccoy’s make sure at least one Mccoy gets to the final table.
Pinky_Baby – WHAT?
Mactonight –You know if you have a chance to set Hazardous or AP Sirius, you’ll take out the Sirius one first?
Pinky_Baby – That’s bull. It’s not true at all. How dare you even suggest it?!
Mactonight –OK OK – I had to ask.
Pinky_baby – No Mactonight, don’t even suggest that. People read this and listen to you. You have more power than you know and people might believe you.
Mactonight – So they might think TMLCUJO is a woman?
Pinky_baby – You know what I mean Mactonight.
Mactonight – So tell me, why is it that Pinky plays better live than online?
Pinky_Baby – Maybe I play better at both.
Mactonight – Your online record proves otherwise.
Pinky_Baby – Maybe there’s more to it than you know?
Mactonight – Oh you mean like… What you use an Alias?
Pinky_Baby – Maybe.
Mactonight – You’re admitting to using an Alias? And this Alias is doing better than Pinky?
Pinky_Baby – Online my Alias has more MP than Pinky does.
Mactonight – What’s your Alias? Why did you change names?
Pinky_Baby – You and them don’t get to know that. I got sick of being beat up online as Pinky.
Mactonight – You feel picked on?
Pinky_Baby – Sometimes and my other Alias has been on more final six tables and has even won multiple online tourneys something Pinky hasn’t been able to do. I play the same way, why is it one name wins and the other gets smoked?
Mactonight – And you think it’s because of your name?
Pinky_Baby – Well I am a Mccoy
Mactonight – Is it tough to be in your Dad’s shadow?
Pinky_Baby –Only when he lets one rip!
Mactonight – LOL
Pinky_Baby – ROTFLOL
Pinky_Baby –HA HA HA HA HA HA
Mactonight –Quickly, if you, Ken Mccoy, Trishy, Hazardous, nightrunner and who is the other Mccoy again, oh Cricket Green were all on the same table who would win?
Pinky_Baby – Online or in real life?
Mactonight –Online.
Pinky_Baby – Not Pinky_Baby, but if I sign in as my alias, then I’d kick butt.
Mactonight – Thanks Pinky_Baby. Any New Years Resolutions?
Pinky_Baby – Yeah, I’m going to win an online Tourney as Pinky and get the Earth Status. What about you?
Mactonight – I’m going to find out if TMLCujo is a woman.
Pinky_Baby – ROTFLMAO.

Next month, Mactonight sits down with a member of a secret society.

Annual Tournaments Update
As previously announced there will be 2 annual tournaments this year. One in the USA to determine a US Champion and one in Canada to determine a Canadian Champion, Both tournaments are open to everyone regardless of nationality.
U.S. Tournament
There is no additional news on this event. The Wizard Tournament will be held on one day of “Gen-Con” which is scheduled to be held in Indianapolis on August 13-16. More details will be available in next month’s newsletter.
Canadian Tournament
“The Delta Toronto East Hotel” has been selected as the venue for the 2009 event. The dates are Friday, July 17 and Saturday July 18. The “Welcoming Reception” will be on the Friday evening in the “Scarborough Suite” and the Tournament will be in the “Canadiana” room on the Saturday.
The group rate for rooms is $115. In reality this works out to be $129.95 with the following added in GST 5%, hotel Tax 5% and Destination Management Fee 3%)
Parking appears to be extra because the parking lot is operated separately from the hotel.
The Tournament itself is restricted to a maximum of 60 players. Registrations will NOT be accepted until a date in 2009 after the arrangements have been firmed-up.
The hotel website is:
More information and registration information in February Newsletter.

Site Problems
Thank you for your patience as we continue to make efforts to improve the site. The latest communication I had with Victor, our programmer, was on Dec. 29. Here is part of what he had to report:

“…we are planning another release for the end of January or beginning of February time. This will include additional work on joining back into games. However, nothing in the game has changed that would cause additional disconnect problems. The new version of the game has many improvements, but the one area that we have had complaints about is joining back into the game…”

Mac’s Moments to
Other to

Wishing You the Very Best for 2009 and beyond!

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old times since?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup
And surely I’ll buy mine
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.

We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.

And there’s a hand my trusty friend!
And give us a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.

Robert Burns

Ken Fisher

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