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Author: Subject: Newsletter, March 2, 2008

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Newsletter, March 2, 2008

NEWSLETTER March 2, 2008

Hope you are in shape because we are beginning a 31 day March.

Monthly Top 10 Points
Tournament Play: Tournament games do NOT affect your monthly point count as long as they are logged in on the tournament Log-In area.
Beta Play: Games played using the BETA version including “Wizard Maximus” DO COUNT for monthly points just the same as regular games.
Friendly Games: The Poll about having a separate area for games in which there would be no points involved (friendly games) was evenly split. I will keep the results in mind for the next time we do an upgrade of the system. (If we ever do.)

Master Points for S.R. (Skill Ratio)
More Master Points Available are up for grabs.
Starting on March 1, 2008 anyone receiving Master Points for S.R. (Skill Ratio) will receive an additional 5 Master Points if they have played 100 games or more during the monthly session. These points are valid regardless of how many players participate in the session.

We Get Letters
Unfortunately we tend to hear more about the occasional flare-ups than we do about the generous and helpful nature of the vast majority of our online community. Rest assured that I often receive comments from appreciative members who are very pleased with the mature demeanor of the people on the site. Positive comments are often made about how eagerly help is offered and how polite the exchanges are. Praise is also received for the fact that the site is family-friendly and parents are not concerned if young children are active on the site. Parents are confident that the language used will be civil and the general behavior appropriate. Thanks to everyone.

Your Participation
You can help to keep the site up to date and me on my toes by:
(a) Informing me of any new records established during a game in which you are involved. Taking a ‘snapshot’ of the score sheet would be helpful.
(b) Informing me of your mailing address if you attain one of the levels of Wizardry and I neglect to send you the appropriate Wizard pin.
(c) Send me any questions that you would like answered in the Newsletter or any topic that you think would be of interest or any other suggestions that you may have either for the site or for the Newsletter.
(d) Not only reading the forums but contributing to them. You could add to “Suggestions”,
“Anecdotes”, “Winning Strategies” and others.

Catch Up on the NEWS
You can read past Newsletters by clicking on NEWSLETTERS under Bulletin Board.
You can read past posts in the NEWS by clicking on ARCHIVED NEWS at the bottom right of the NEWS box on the Portal Page.


Currently registered:
Regular tournament…..25…Max. 100
Junior tournament……..2….Max 25

You may have noticed a change in the format of the page showing the WORLD RANKINGS based on Master Points. I agree that the prior format was clearer but it took a long time to update.
The new format allows me to use a database so entering the data is faster.

Cargobeep Fund
It would be great if cargobeep could be present at the 2008 Wizard Tournament. I am sure that many members would not only like to meet her but also to see her compete in the tournament.
‘Hall of Famer’, Fizzwiz1 won the Top 10 nine times with one streak of 6 in a row. These were records that many thought would never be equaled especially with so many more players participating. Nevertheless cargobeep has tied both of Fizzwiz1’s record and is sure to set a new record soon by winning the Top 10 for the 11th time.

Upcoming Tournaments
1. Next Top 10 Tournament for the month of February
Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Registration starts at 8:00 noon. Game starts at 9:00pm EST.[/color]
Host: Merlin
2. Next Mixed Bid Tournament (Reg Bid, Hidden Bid, Delayed Reveal bid)
Sunday, March 9, 2008
Registration starts at 12:00 noon. Game starts at 1:00pm EST.
Host: Merlin
3. Next DRBT (Delayed Reveal Bid tournament)
Saturday, March 15, 2008
Registration: 0800-0845PM
Start: 0900PM
All times EST
Host: DougJ

Wizard Clubs
In addition to being 2 of the 4 people who act as online Tournament Directors Ken McCoy and George Wellsbury (merlin) are the Presidents of the Toronto West and Toronto East Wizard Clubs respectively. Meetings are held monthly. For more info click on “Wizard Clubs” under “Bulletin Boards”.

One thing you can count on: The next U.S. President will be left-handed.

Hang in there,

Ken Fisher

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Simulation pret immobilier

This is a good post. Thank you wizard this will be very helpful to me. I creating a game and it will be a tournament style. I will have to brainstorm what you have here and get ideas from it.

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