International Wizard Card Game Tournament 2005
Apr 2, 2005

Press Release 4/4/05
International Wizard Card Game Tournament
Is Coming to Stamford CT

Wizard Card Game Tournament at Westin Hotel, Saturday, June 25, 2005

In the spirit of supporting our community, U. S. Games Systems, Inc. of Stamford invites you to participate in the 2nd International Wizard Card GameŠ Tournament. The top winners will receive cash prizes for either the non-profit, 501(c), organization of their choice or themselves. Anyone young or old can play. The rules are easy and fast to learn.

Wizard is a popular card game similar to Hearts and other trick-taking card games. The 60-card deck contains 52 regular cards plus 4 Wizard cards that always win and 4 Jester cards that always lose. Join in the popularity of card games with your neighbors and friends. Over one million Wizard games have been sold nationwide and U.S. Games Systems donated 1,000 games to our troops in Iraq as a morale booster.

Register by June 10 to be assured of a place in the tournament. Register online at or call U.S. Games Systems at 203-353-8400 ext. 300 for a registration form. There is no entry fee.

If you do not have a Wizard Card Game, U. S. Games Systems, Inc. will send you a game without charge when you register for the tournament prior to June 1, 2005. This offer limited to one game to each of the first 120 registrants who request the game. Be sure to include your complete address.
To see complete game rules, play online and to ask questions, contact or U.S. Games Systems at 203-353-8400 ext. 301.