The Apprentice" Is Not The No.1 Game of Trump
May 5, 2004

It may come as a surprise but the No.1 game of trump is “Wizard”. Billed as “The ultimate game of trump” Wizard has been selected 4 times by “Games Magazine” as one of the "Best Games In America”. “Wizard” consists of the regular 52-cards plus 4 Wizards and 4 Jesters to make a 60-card deck.

Kudos abound: a Toronto man credits his 79-year-old mother’s recovery from a stroke, to her enthusiasm for “Wizard”, while a player from Barrie, Ontario placed a “Wizard” deck in her grandfather’s casket because “he was so fond of the game”. J. Walker of Toledo, Ohio purchased 20 games to give to her employees “So they can play on their own time at home”. S. Williams of Toronto plans to make time for a few games of “Wizard” during his wedding this August. And who would have believed that a “MetroLink Wizard League” would be formed by passengers riding the Orange County link to Los Angeles?”. Recently 1,000 free games were sent to U.S. troops in Iraq as a morale booster.

Although “Wizard” originated in Toronto, Canada it is now licensed in the United States, Germany and Italy and is played for free worldwide on the internet . Over a million games have been sold.

This year’s “World Wizard Tournament” will be held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Toronto on Saturday, July 10. Both the media and local high schools are invited to send a representative to play for $ 5,000 for charity and educational supplies respectively. The tournament is limited to 120 players so interested Wizard enthusiasts should register ASAP. For all the details visit the website at

Ken Fisher the game’s creator says, “If you’re not playing Wizard, you’re not playing with a full-deck”.

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