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Topic Review

posted on 1/8/2006 at 07:54 PM

like your comments, de and boss and there has been an improvement in the way people play.Wizard is a great game and should possibally be left as is . Wizard (Ken) encouraged me to post my views in the suggestion area for future referances if the case need be.

PS majority rules . i am in whatever the rules are.

it is possible all the excitement good or bad is what keeps us inerested in this great game.


The Boss

posted on 1/8/2006 at 06:55 PM

Originally posted by fizzwiz1

My suggestion for the future of the game is you should have to bid your wizards from 4th hand on except when cr affects your bid.

As you know fizz, I agree with you most of the times about the rules. So I understand your point of view here, but I think it's better to keep the rules simple. So this rules should not change.

That's ONE of the reasons I don't agree with the Canadian Rule. It's always the rule I have the most trouble explaining to new players.


P.S.: -Despite all the tactics, fair or unfair, used against you, you're still the KING fizzwiz1 !!! We'll miss ya! (Will we ???) :D


posted on 1/8/2006 at 12:43 PM

P.S. What I'm talking about here is different than the previous topic of bad sportsmanship. Which, by the way..since this has been discussed at length I've noticed improvement with the situation. I haven't been in any games in the last week where people have been displaying bad sportsmanship. So maybe just by bringing this out in the open, has had a positive effect. Wizard On! And congrats to Fizzwiz for winning the session for the 10th time! He is the Wizard King.


posted on 1/8/2006 at 12:36 PM

Sorry, I don't agree with you on this one Fizz. I don't think the rules of Wizard need to be changed. The game is fun just the way it is, Cr and all..which by the way affected me in last hand on a game just last night, causing me to lose after leading the entire game..(but I still don't want to see Cr taken out). As for making a rule saying you have to bid Wizards after the 4th hand, I also disagree with that one. Again, I was in a game losing badly..was dealt a Wizard on second to last hand which if I'd bid it would have made the bid even. Why do that? I had no chance of winning, so to shake things up I bid zero with the Wiz in my hand...not with the intention of taking down anyone in particular, but so the bid wasn't even. I was able to duck all tricks, so in effect I didn't set anyone, yet by making the bid uneven someone did go set that round. This is what makes Wizard manipulating your bid you can affect the outcome..,part of the fun in my opinion. Anyway, just my 2 cents worth.;)


posted on 1/8/2006 at 02:09 AM

Wizards final comments on the ethics thing are nice but dont address anything. Diplomacy is the way you are going thats fine, but when a player who feels he has no chance of winning starts trying to ruin the game for all i have a problem with that as i said in my post before WHAT IF WE ALL CHOOSE THAT TACTIC WOULD WE STILL HAVE A GAME .Think about it? ?? everytime anyone is in last bid 10 with no chance of making, or bid 0 with a wizard just to take someone down anyone. This is a joke .

RULE CHANGE of some kind needed here.

I hope you understand i am writing this after winning TENTH TOP TEN so sour grapes not the issue i will play it anyway you want it played. I endure the Canadian rule which is also a strange but at least interesting rule.. to be forced to make a bid you may not want to make at a time in the game that is most crucial , is in my opinion unfair .

even bids in fact take more down than cr..

anyway my suggestion for the future of the game is you should have to bid your wizards from 4th hand on except when cr affects your bid.. this will enable players to still fake bid their hands , but a skilled player still has a chance of making his bid

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