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Playing Wizard Cards
  • Why the Canadian Rule?
  • Why the tiny score pads in the Canadian Edition?
  • How do you settle a game that ends in a tie score?
  • What day is a good day to find players online?
  • Can a Wizard be played "at any time" to win a trick or must it be the player's turn to play?
  • Summary of FAQ 2010
  • How to Download
  • When a Wizard is led do players have to follow the suit of the next card played?
  • When a Jester is led does the next card played become trump or what?
  • How can I organize a local Wizard tournament?
  • What is the significance of the 'grapes', 'bee', 'sun' and 'seahorse' on the Wizard cards?
  • Can Wizard be played by just two players?
  • How can players keep track of what their bid was?
  • Can Wizard be played on the Internet?
  • When a Wizard is turned up can the dealer examine his cards before making the choice of suit to be trump?
  • What happens when I "break"?
  • User Maintenance
  • Do I have to register?
  • Does Wizard use cookies?
  • How do I add a signature?
  • How do I get my own picture under my name?
  • Ermm... I seem to have forgotten my password?
  • What is U2U?
  • Using Wizard Cards Community Forums
  • Where do I log in?
  • Where do I log out?
  • How would I go about searching the board?
  • Where can I view all the members?
  • Posting & Reading messages
  • How do I U2U a member?
  • How do I post a new message?
  • Can I reply to a message?
  • Is it possible to delete a message?
  • How do I edit one of my posts?
  • Can I insert an attachment?
  • What are smilies?
  • How do I create and vote in polls?
  • Advanced Site Members
  • Can you please explain the BB code to me?
  • Can I become a moderator?
  • Can you please explain the User Ranks to me?

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